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Roofs are the first layer of protection our house has against the elements. We know people often recognize how lucky they are for having “a roof over my head,” and we believe the roof over your head should always be at its highest quality.

This couldn’t be truer. Every single one of us knows that if you are having roof problems it isn’t like a kitchen door that is closing right. A roof leak, or missing shingles can and will cause a lot of worry and stress until they are fixed. When it is unexpected it can be a big blow to the bank account,

When the roof of your home is malfunctioning and water is coming in you need to get it addressed very quickly. At Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors, we have a special service to help you wade through all that paper work of insurance claim estimates.

When you need assistance in this area of your new roofing project, call us and speak to us directly so we can go over and discuss what it is that we can offer. When you are confused about insurance claims the best thing to do is ask questions rather then letting your mind wonder and get upset.

Talk to your Insurance
When you have question about what you have covered the best way to find out is to speak with your insurance company directly. They will have your plan and the details of what is covered. When you have done that and know that your roof is covered and the accident or whatever happened to your roof is covered call us and we will give you the insurance claim estimate.

When we help you with these things will feel a lot less anxious and like things are getting better already. If you do not know the details of your coverage speak to your insurance company first.

The Facts
When we are working for you under an insurance claim we keep a very up to date record of the entire job. That way it is easier for you to keep track and hand into the insurance company.

All the facts of what happened and the job that needed to be repaired and how it was done. The hours worked, the number of contractors and the material used.  These things will make it more of an organized process when it comes to processing the insurance claim. This includes helping you with insurance claim estimate. Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors know how to work for you so everything goes right.

Insurance Claim Estimate
We are a roofing company but also a customer first company and all our services are here for you to support you in your time of need. When you come to use to ask for our help with the insurance claim estimate, we do it for you and consult you.

​If you are unable to understand to breakdown we show you how to read. We will go over it with you. When you come to us looking for an insurance claim estimate we ensure that this service is here for your benefit so you feel empowered and assisted. Find out much more details about us.

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