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No matter how large or small your house, roof replacement is almost always a significant investment for your house. However, it’s something that must be done to prevent further, more expensive damage on your home. For some, you have to consider whether or not it would be worth spending. If you are decided on replacing your roof, here is a list on how to properly replace your roof.

Measuring Your Roof Size
At Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors, we always do a thorough measurement of your roof before giving you an estimate. This ensures we don’t overlook anything in the bid process. Many roofing contractors wrongly make assumptions about your roof and end up charging you too much to replace your roof. We always do a detailed measurement to make sure we don’t overlook anything and there’s no unwanted surprises.

Usually, the contractor does this also to be able to determine the amount of material needed to work on your roof. For example, a roof with 20 squares would need about 2,000 square feet of surface area to cover your roof.

Ventilation System of the Roof
This is an element that will contribute to the longevity of your roof. Your roof ventilation contributes to the modulation of temperature in your attic during the summer season, and will help reduce moisture in the winter.

We will be sure to fully educate you on the kind of ventilation system we recommend for your house. It can add a little money to the cost of your project, but can save you many times over in reduced heating and air conditioning costs over the long run.

Repairing the Wood Under Your Shingles
Every roof replacement contract not only includes the replacement of your old shingles, but also repairing the wood under your shingles. If the wood has rotted through, then it might be best to replace the whole thing to ensure that your new roof will have good support. 

Of course, you have to ask your contractor if this is included in the agreement to replace your roof. Placing new shingles on faulty wood would defeat the purpose of getting a new roof, as it would be more prone to breaking over the years.

Wind Resistance Requirements
It’s important to know how much wind requirement you need in evaluating the products you and your contractor will be purchasing for your roof project. This is most important in areas like Fort Wayne that are prone to tornados, hail storms, wind storms and heavy amounts of snow in the winter, and is something our team is very experienced at. We’ve been roofing Fort Wayne for years and know exactly what kinds of shingles work the best in our area. All of these can cause damage to your roof, but purchasing the right kind of shingle can go a long way to prevent too frequent damage.

Purchasing shingles with high wind warranties can make a large difference between a new roof and complete protection in cases of severe weather.

Planning the Right Time and Weather
Of course, it’s best to schedule your roof replacement at a time when the weather’s nice in your area. Aside from that, it might be best to plan it when you can have your family over at a relative’s place to avoid sleep pattern disruption.

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